Harbor Landing

November 2017 Newsletter


In our continuing effort to keep you informed concerning the changes and happenings at Harbor Landing we are writing this newsletter:

First of all, the roof work being done by Associate Roofing is nearly complete and looks great. When complete we will be taking pictures and sending them to you. Again we thank the Building Committee for their assistance in overseeing this project.

On a less positive note approximately two weeks ago, the heating system had stopped working leaving all common areas with no heat and our fear of freezing pipes during a cold snap. We contacted BTU Control in Vineyard Haven to inspect. They found that the system was beyond repair. They felt that the system has not been serviced for a long time and several vital parts were missing. BTU supplied many space heaters to keep the pipes from freezing. The company that installed the heating system in 2013 and was supposed to maintain it was Island Air Systems and apparently did not service it properly. This company is owned by Tim McNamara – Vickie’s husband. The long and short is that we need to replace the heating and hot water system. The good news is that we will have a more powerful and efficient heating system, and the new hot water system will produce more than double the output than we have at present – so there should be plenty of hot water, even at peak times during the summer. We have been presented with several options and chose one that we feel to be the best option. The work should be completed by the end of November, beginning of December.

Also, the door leading to the heating area from the outside was recently found pushed in and off its hinges. We immediately called the police and secured someone to reinstate it. We have no idea what caused this vandalism.  It appeared that there were crowbar markings on the door.

Concerning the operations of Harbor Landing, it is to our regret that we must inform you that most of the files, a computer, stamps, keys and even all the pens and pencils were removed from the office and premises by the prior manager, Vickie McNamara, we are told. Several of the door locks, namely to the office and boiler room, had been changed and the keys were no where to be found. The doors needed to be pried open. By the way, these doors are normally supposed to be accessed with the master key only.  Also, the passwords and information for all of the systems, bank accounts, etc. were not given to us, even after several requests.  So we have had to reconstruct all these items with the help of paid IT people.

Unfortunately, this situation effects us all rather negatively, and has resulted in many problems. The invoices for the maintenance fees and any outstanding assessments that we found ready to be sent out, even though they should have been sent before November 1st, we later found to be incorrect in many cases. We are attempting to rectify those invoices that were sent out erroneously along with those that were never created, as soon as possible. Of course, we will NOT be charging any late fees during this process.

We feel that unfortunately this maybe in retaliation for not renewing Vickie’s contract for 2018.  In view of past inconsistencies, and now in light of this detrimental behavior, we feel that the best decision was made to sever our ties with the past management.

Our hope is to update the antiquated financial and reporting systems; put in place an on-line reservation system; and make changes necessary to enhance the Harbor Landing’s image. Our aim is to increase the off and on-season rentals to help bolster our finances and to give owners a better opportunity for rental of their units. The ultimate goal is to be able to run Harbor Landing without having to resort to raising condo fees or imposing future special assessments.

Again we want to impress upon you that we want to be as transparent as possible going forward, and ask your patience and understanding in regard to this transitional period.  We are all trying our best with much effort by all to get things back on track as soon as possible. In the meantime, Sandra Melkonian, will be and has been since November 11th, acting full-time manager. Sandra had owned and operated a Glass & Framing Company for 32 years and oversaw 25 people. We look forward to her business experience and acumen being a great asset at this time. We thank her for her efforts at keeping Harbor Landing functioning and taking in many off-season rentals so far this month.

We are currently in search of a part-time bookkeeper to help in maintaining the financial reporting and needs of Harbor Landing. Also, as previously mentioned in our last newsflash, we will be conducting a full-scale financial audit very soon.

Until our next update…..


The Trustees of Harbor Landing

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