Harbor Landing

Own a piece of the beach…

Aquinnah Cliffs, formerly known as Gay Head

Established in 1976, Harbor Landing operates as a timeshare resort for 30 weeks a year, Saturday to Saturday, beginning the second week in April through the first week of November. Each week, each unit is owned by a private party and is managed as part of the whole by a professional, experienced hotel staff. Each party owns a specific unit for a specific time period every year and is a member of the homeowners association. An owner-elected seven-member board of trustees oversees the management and is the decision-making body for the resort.

Initial sales of units at Harbor Landing sold out. There are over 500 current owners, many who own multiple units/weeks. Owners may use their units each year, or rent them, or exchange them for other resort locations worldwide any time of the year. Harbor Landing is a member of the Interval International exchange network made up of more than 2,000 resorts and over 1.5 million member families.  Interval provides its members with a variety of exchange services and travel benefits to enhance their vacation experiences. Twenty-seven of Harbor Landing’s 30 timeshare weeks are considered prime vacation weeks for exchange.

Harbor Landing maintains information on units available for resale from owners who have decided to sell for a variety of reasons, including age, divorce, inheritance and distance. Please contact the owners directly. Or, call our General Manager, Ray Calloway at (508) 693 – 2600. More information is also available at the front desk.

Harbor Landing is a member of Interval International. www.intervalworld.com
For Interval International Membership Services in the U.S., call 800-843-8843.

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