Harbor Landing

Important Notice: 11/14/2017

Important Notice

To All Harbor Landing Owners:

The Board will be keeping you informed with the progress and findings we are experiencing as time goes on.

  • When the Board arrived at Harbor Landing, the office door lock was changed, the lock on the basement door was also changed. The doors had to be removed from the hinges to gain access


  • To our surprise there was no office coverage, we were told by the maid that the hotel was shut down for the season


  • We were unable to access our computers in the office; we were never provided the password by Vickie even after numerous requests. An IT specialist will be coming today to let us access the computers


  • Sandra spoke to the latest bookkeeper Monica and she said she hasn’t worked there in over a month


  • The heating system was not working and access to the basement was locked with no available key. After removing the hinges from the door we were able to get a heating company in to look at the boiler. One boiler is now running, but needs additional parts.  The other boiler needs to have missing parts ordered. The heating company brought us 4 electric heaters so the pipes wouldn’t freeze as the building was very cold. The heating system was also past due on its maintenance. The serviceman told us the systems were not maintained properly.


  • If you do not receive your maintenance bill by December 1, please call the office.

NOTE:  we are seeing some maintenance bills have a $25.00 assessment late fee.  If your bill has this late fee, please ignore it.  Make sure you call the office and let them know of any discrepancies.


The maintenance bills have been sent out!  The work has started on the roof, let’s hope it stops raining. Sandra Melkonian is doing a great job

There is a lot of work to be done, the day to day operating of Harbor Landing, working with the maids, learning how things work.

Please have faith in our Board, Harbor Landing is our main priority and making it great again.  The Board is working overtime in making this transition seamless to the owners.

If you have any thoughts, or questions please send emails we will be glad to hear from you.

Thank you.