Harbor Landing

December 30th 2017 News Update

To our Harbor Landing Family:

2017 is almost over.  All the maintenance bills have been sent.  Please bear with us if you received an inaccurate bill or an address was incorrect or you sold your unit.  The new management is working to correct all of the problems that we ran into.  When we took over managing the office there were discrepancies, we were left with no direction and no instructions and many updates that should have been made were not.  But we have good news please continue reading and you will see that Harbor Landing is going to be better than ever.

Please remember, it is your responsibility as owners to pay your maintenance fees.  We are allowing a longer time period for being late, but they must be paid by the end of January.  If you are having difficulties please contact the office and make arrangements.  If you do not pay this hurts Harbor Landing.  The only income that is a sure thing is the maintenance fees.  If your fees are not paid you will not be able to rent, sell or use your timeshare for 2018, this is in the master deed.

We are very pleased to announce that Harbor Landing has joined Vacation Resorts International (VRI).

What does this mean for you? You will now receive FREE membership in Trading Places. This is similar to Interval International but on a smaller scale, that allows you to trade your unit without having to first join with a membership fee.  Harbor Landing will still belong to Interval International, and your membership in it will be unaffected.  In fact VRI is part of the Interval International family.  You will also receive discounts at other resorts in the VRI family.

What does this mean for Harbor Landing? We will all now receive professional management and oversight by experts in the timeshare industry, handling our finances with checks and balances in place, maintenance fee invoicing, rentals, project management, pay your maintenance bill on line and so much more!  The board has done much homework on VRI, and had our attorney vet the contract with them. VRI has an impressive history of partnering with faltering resorts around the country and turning them into premier resorts!  Some of them in nearby Cape Cod, Block Island, and Nantucket.  While Harbor Landing is holding its own, this partnership will ensure us a better future, making many needed improvements to Harbor Landing, thus increasing our timeshare investment values, as well as professionally managing our finances and the issues that come with timeshares. They have friendly timeshare experts and professionals on staff to assist you.

VRI will be also offering an online reservation system, and will be advertising Harbor Landing on a large scale, bringing in much more revenue in rentals.  This additional rental income will benefit the owner who chooses to rent their timeshare.  They will also be working to bring in much more off season rental income.  This will benefit Harbor Landing and help to pay for the costs associated with VRI.  VRI aims to make their resorts so successful, that the costs incurred will be easily paid for by the additional income created.

VRI has an impressive history of building up resorts, who then absolutely desire to continue to renew their contracts with VRI based on their success and enjoyment of the professional management and benefits.

You can visit their website at www.vriresorts.com for more information.

Additionally, VRI will soon be mailing you an introductory letter with more details, and will be attending our annual business meeting in the Spring to personally answer questions.


The Board would like to share why we had to replace the boiler system.

Dave Jendrick, the Master Technician who reviewed the old boilers to summarize the list of items that needed to be corrected in conjunction with our installation of new boilers for you.

Here are his points:

  1. Expansion tank too small, we replaced with a much larger capacity tank.
  2. Incoming propane supply line too small, Gas company came and re-piped for proper sizing.
  3. Main hot water piping was undersized, we re-piped for proper sizing.
  4. No Mixing Valves present-this is code. Suggests previous work was not done with permits, because it would not have passed inspection.  This is a serious issue-these mixing valves are code for a reason because they prevent scalding; big risk to you by not having them.
  5. Heating zone circulator pumps needed to be replaced-those models did not have check-valves and no dedicated check valves were installed. We replaced all of the circulator pumps with new units that have integrated check-valves.
  6. Hot water storage tanks needed to be replaced, and 2 more added to increase available storage capacity.
  7. No shut-offs, anywhere making service difficult. We installed shut-offs so all system elements can be isolated and worked on without having to take down whole system.


The Board of Trustees wishes you a Happy New Year.  We will have another Newsletter going out in January 2018.


Please add your email address to the website.  Eventually we would like to not have to mail out newsletter, we would rather send out a news blast.